AFC North chat rewind

There have been some crazy happenings in the AFC North this week. One quarterback in the division says he's the best in the NFL and another one is getting a high school in trouble by simply throwing some passes. Barring some news or another unexpected situation involving a quarterback, I will spend some time with the family and return Monday morning.

Until then, here are some highlights from this week's chat (a full transcript can be seen by clicking here):


Mikey (AllentownPA): Jamison,Wouldn't you rather get playmakers for Colt McCoy, and if the season fails get Matt Barkley or Aaron Murray next year? I just am NOT feeling Tannehill as a die-hard Browns fan. That is, unless he wants to play wideout again??

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I'm all for upgrading the QB position, and the Browns need to get someone better than Colt McCoy. But you can't reach for one because of need. Tannehill isn't a top-10 talent based on his body of work. That's not to say he can't develop into one. My feeling is it's too much of risk to take a quarterback with 19 college starts at the No. 4 spot.


Jeremy (Columbus, Ohio): I have a terrible feeling that the Browns will trade down from the 4th pick because the Browns front office always seems to do what the fan base doesn't want them to do. I know you have been promoting that the Brown take Trent Richardson at 4, but has there been anything out of the Browns camp saying which way they're leaning?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Based on Heckert's track record of wanting more picks, it wouldn't surprise me if they traded down. At this point, I think the Browns stay at No. 4 and make a pick.


Tim (Upstate ny): Do you believe the bengals should use there second pick in the first round on a WR?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): It really depends on who is there. I think there could be some really good value for WRs at the bottom of the first round with Stephen Hill and Kendall Wright.


Craig (Philly): So Ed Reed says he's not getting the respect he deserves. But have the Ravens really been that disrespectful to him? Just because the Ravens haven't re-signed him, doesn't mean the Ravens won't re-sign him.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Going by what I've seen and heard, I don't think the Ravens have disrespected him. They've always given him time and space to make his decisions when he's contemplated retirement. Baltimore is also paying him over $7 million this season. I would welcome that type of disrespect.


David (Cincinnati): Now that the Bengals have released Chris Crocker, do you think that they look for a safety early in the draft? Do you think they might make Taylor Mays the starter instead?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I don't think the Bengals have to make a decision until after the draft. Cincinnati could take a safety early in the draft and put him in Crocker's spot. The top candidate as of right now is Taylor Mays. But he's not a lock.


dan little (brownsville pa): I'm kinda surprised by reactions of the blog readers because any Steelers fan knows they don't really do alot in free agency. It's always been that way to build more from the draft. So why is everyone so surprised that the steelers are doing what they normally do? As far as their needs, I personally think the need to draft on the lines both offense and defense. Your take on this?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The offensive line, nose tackle and inside linebacker are the clear-cut needs. But the Steelers have to address a lot of areas because they lost so much veteran depth in cutting Hines Ward, Aaron Smith and Chris Kemoeatu. They have to reload as far as backups.


Cloud1902 (Toledo): Why does majority of the "draft experts" have quarterback as the top need for the Cleveland Browns. We clearly need a WR, RT, and a RB before we need a QB. Your thoughts?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I would agree. Based purely on need, right tackle is the biggest one. Oniel Cousins is the starting right tackle at this point. Oniel Cousins! At least at those other spots, you can go with Colt McCoy, Greg Little and Montario Hardesty.


Rob (San Antonio): Do you honestly think Mendenhall will play for Pittsburgh again? I find it hard to believe missing at least half the season and free agency next year aren't weighing heavily against that happening.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I see Mendenhall returning at the midpoint of the season. But I'm starting to get convinced that Pittsburgh will find its running back for the future in the second round of this draft.


Kevin (Ohio): Is it too early to give up on Colt McCoy?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): It looks like the Browns were ready to do so, but they failed to get Sam Bradford in a trade and couldn't move up to take RG3. So, McCoy gets another chance by default.