Dilfer sees positive side of Weeden's age

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden hears it all the time. He would be a first-round pick if not for his age.

Weeden, who delayed his football career for five years to play minor-league baseball, turns 29 on Oct. 14. That's a big difference from Andrew Luck, who will be 23 when the regular season begins.

But Trent Dilfer, former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst, disagrees that Weeden's ageInsider is a negative:

His age (and accrued wisdom) has given him great perspective in life and as a player. Nothing is too big for Weeden and although old in age, he has plenty of time to be a good NFL QB. Think about it: who thinks of their QB on a 10-year plan? If he starts well, he can easily be solid for 7-8 years.

Judging by many mock drafts, Weeden won't slide too far into the second round. The popular pick has been Weeden going to the Browns at No. 37.

In Dilfer's insider piece, he analyzes the seven quarterbacks projected to go in the first three rounds. Of those quarterbacks, Dilfer rates two as immediate starters (Luck and Robert Griffin III) and one other (Weeden) as "able to start soon."

The Browns would send a message by taking running back Trent Richardson in the first round and Weeden in the second. This says that the Browns want players who can make immediate impacts. This also says they aren't concerned about the risks associated with taking a running back in the top-five and an older quarterback in the second round.