Thoughts on Weeden going to QB camp

For those who watched Jon Gruden's QB Camp with Brandon Weeden, you got a glimpse of some of the good and bad with the Oklahoma State quarterback. This is some good pre-draft research for Browns fans because Weeden has been linked to Cleveland in the second round.

When it came to film review, Gruden began with a play that he called "one of his favorite ones of the week." Against Arizona, Weeden made the decision to audible, understood where the unblocked defender was coming and stood in the pocket to make the throw just before taking the hit. It was a great example of intelligence and guts.

The tape turned ugly when Gruden put up a play against Texas where Weeden stepped out of the back of the end zone for a safety before throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. Luckily for Weeden, the score didn't count because it was a safety. Unlucky for Weeden, Gruden didn't hold back on his criticism.

“This is going on a reel forever, because this is the worst football play I have ever seen in my life,” Gruden said. “It’s a pick-six, backed up, and a safety on the same play. It’s a double-whammy, man. It’s going to the Hall of Shame right here.”

There were several funny moments in this episode from Gruden mocking Weeden's head nod signals during games to giving him nicknames like "Weedster" and "WeedEater." If you watch the intro to the show, you can see Gruden even writes "WeedEater" on the tape.

Overall, you had to like what you saw from Weeden in the show. He seemed smart and confident. Weeden also took Gruden's ribbing in stride. He explained the transition in going from a no-huddle offense in college, his decision to return to football after a minor-league baseball career and the concern regarding his age. Weeden will turn 29 during the season.

"That was one of the nice things about being a little bit older — I’m not a hush-mouth guy," Weeden told Gruden. "If I feel something, I’m going to let you know about it."

This was the best one in Gruden's QB camp series this season, which is saying a lot. It will be repeated April 18 on ESPNU (8:30 p.m.), April 23 on ESPN Classic (9:30 a.m.) and April 25 on ESPNEWS (9:30 a.m.).