Steelers to unveil new throwback jersey

There were no major changes to the Pittsburgh Steelers' jerseys when Nike revealed the new uniforms earlier this month. The Steelers, however, plan to have a new/old look for the upcoming season.

The team is holding a news conference Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. ET to unveil their throwback jersey to commemorate its 80th anniversary in Pittsburgh.

In 2007, to celebrate their 75th season, the Steelers wore a variation of their early 1960s uniforms that featured gold helmets with black stripe, black jerseys with gold numbers and stripes, and white pants with black-and-gold side stripes. Pittsburgh has worn these throwback jerseys twice a year, including 2011 home games against the Ravens and Browns.

The fifth-oldest franchise in the NFL, the Steelers were founded in July 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their original uniforms featured a yellow jersey with pronounced black stripes and the crest of the city's coat of arms on the front.