How Trent Richardson ended up at prom

Alabama running back Trent Richardson, who is a top candidate to get selected fourth overall by the Cleveland Browns, took 17-year-old cancer survivor Courtney Alvis to the senior prom this month. How Richardson ended up there is detailed in a great piece by ESPN's Shelley Smith.

Someone saw a bunch of Alabama football players at Ezell's Catfish Cabin and left a note for the owner about the chances of a player taking a young woman who had leukemia to her senior prom. It just so happened that Richardson's mother, Trina, worked at the restaurant. But Trent Richardson wasn't the first to be asked.

Here's the story behind Richardson taking Alvis to the prom, according to the restaurant's owner Agnew Hall:

"Trent's schedule was crazy," Hall said. "He was flying all over the country working out for various teams, so I didn't think there was any way he could commit to a night in April. So I sent out a couple of texts to other players, but didn't really get much enthusiasm back. So I said, what the heck, and sent a text to Trent."

It said: "Girl with leukemia can't get a date to the prom. Will you help?"

Within seconds, Richardson responded: "Yes I will."

You have to read the full story to get the entire feel for Richardson's intentions. But this is a glimpse into Richardson's character. He didn't have to take Alvis to the prom. Richardson is preparing for one of the biggest days of his football career. No one would've known if he passed on the prom like other players. But Richardson came through when it counted the most, which should be recognized and applauded.