Browns' Weeden is showing his confidence

No one knows how Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden will react when James Harrison is bearing down on him or when Ed Reed is baiting him into a throw.

But what the 22nd overall pick proved in rookie minicamp this past weekend is he doesn't lack confidence.

"We are coming with a goal to win games," Weeden told reporters last weekend when asked about his message to Browns fans. "Obviously, our first goal is to get to the playoffs, then go as far as we can, and ultimately, before it’s all said and done to win a Super Bowl. That’s my goal as a player. Before I am done playing, I want to win a Super Bowl."

Using the words "Super Bowl" in the first weekend of putting on an NFL uniform can be chalked up to youthful exuberance. Just remember that Weeden can back up that confidence with his track record in college. He went 23-3 as a starter at Oklahoma State. Last season, he beat the three quarterbacks selected before him in the draft (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill). Those were the labels on Weeden coming out of college: he's got a strong arm and he's a winner.

This should be Weeden's mindset in joining the Browns, and this is what the Browns were looking for when they used a first-round pick on him. When you draft a quarterback that high, you're looking for a new start and distance yourself from the last-place finishes and double-digit losses nearly every year. And you don't want to bring in a quarterback who simply wants to win the starting job. He should expect to win games and eventually championships.

Talking like this in May is the easy part, though. The true test to his confidence will come in four months, when he actually puts on pads and goes head-to-head against the likes of Harrison and Reed.