AFC North project for the week

I hope everyone in the AFC North blog family has an enjoyable Memorial Day. Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking this week off.

While I'm not going to be around, that doesn't mean you get time off as well. I've been writing the blog for nine months now, and I'm looking for some feedback, preferably the constructive kind.

Here are some questions that I have for everyone:

What's your thoughts on the daily morning "Wake up" post? This has been the standard first post of the day. It's a way to cover the headlines from the major newspapers and websites in the division. Do you like the post in the morning? Would you prefer it to be at night? Do you want it at all?

How did you like the "Upon Further Review" blog? This was the Monday wrap-up post. I did one for each team. Would you prefer one post that includes all four teams or do you like the four separate ones? Also, let me know if you want a change in the format.

So, give me your impressions and ideas about the blog in general and we can see how to make this space even better. You can direct everything to the mailbag.

Our hard-working blog editors will keep you in the loop while I'm away, so keep visiting the blog this week.

See you in a week.