Browns looking good on Blackmon decision

The Cleveland Browns still have a big problem at wide receiver. But they still would have a problem at that position even if the team had selected Justin Blackmon with a top-five pick in the draft.

Blackmon, who was taken No. 5 overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested on an aggravated DUI charge Sunday in Oklahoma. Authorities said Blackmon registered a .24 percent blood-alcohol level, which is three times the state's legal limit for driving.

The NFL will likely view him as a first-time offender even though this is Blackmon's second DUI arrest in three years. While Blackmon is expected to avoid a suspension, this incident is troubling when you're about to invest millions in a prospect.

There was a lot of clamoring for the Browns to take Blackmon in the draft, and he would've certainly upgraded Cleveland's receiving corps. This weekend, though, wouldn't have been as quiet if the Browns had chosen Blackmon.

It will take a few years before we'll find out whether the Browns made the right decision by taking running back Trent Richardson over Blackmon (just ask Jim Brown). For the time being, the Browns have another reason to feel like they made the right move.