Video: Another vote for Weeden over McCoy

All indications point to the Cleveland Browns going with rookie first-round pick Brandon Weeden over Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback. That's a good move according to ESPN's Damien Woody, who thinks Weeden gives the Browns the best chance to win because of his command of the huddle and ability to drive the ball down the field.

I agree that Weeden's strong arm will serve him well in Cleveland, where the winds can be challenging. This led me to check to see if McCoy, who tends to float the ball downfield instead of driving it, had better success on the road than at home. To my surprise, McCoy had a slightly better average yards per attempt at Cleveland Browns Stadium (5.98) last season than on the road (5.81).

But this isn't a statistic to brag about. In 2011, there were 17 quarterbacks who averaged over seven yards per attempt. You would think Weeden's arm will put him around that mark this season.