Debut of Goal-line Stand segment

This is the debut of the "Goal-line Stand" segment on the AFC North blog which is an idea submitted by Andy from Hagerstown. We'll see how this goes before making it a permanent part of our rotation each week.

The point of this post is to have two readers debate a subject that involves the AFC North. I'll give you the topic today, and you can send me a 200-word argument to the mailbag. The best ones will get posted during the week.

The first topic, which was suggested by two readers, touches on an old but heated debate on the blog that predates my time here: Who will be remembered as the better safety, Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu? This isn't about the best safety for this season or at this point of his career. I'm looking for why Reed or Polamalu is the best safety of his era.

Give me your best argument for either Reed or Polamalu. Remember to keep your submissions to 200 words.