Bengals never contacted Chad Ochocinco

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals never thought about bringing back wide receiver Chad Ochocinco despite unproven talent at the No. 2 position.

Asked if the Bengals contacted Ochocinco after he was released by New England last week, head coach Marvin Lewis succinctly told ESPN.com, "No."

Lewis, though, is looking forward to the Oct. 7 game with the Miami Dolphins, which will mark Ochocinco's return to Paul Brown Stadium. "We have a great schedule now," Lewis said with a smile.

Even though Lewis and Ochocinco had a rocky relationship at times, Lewis said he has no problem talking to Ochocinco before that game. "He texts to me all the time now," Lewis said. "I can't keep up with him."

The Bengals traded the franchise's all-time leading receiver to the Patriots last season. "The hardest thing to do in the NFL is to get young and stay young," Lewis said.