No updates on Marvin Lewis' extension

When I was in Cincinnati this week, I asked coach Marvin Lewis if there were any updates on a contract extension with the Bengals.

"I have no updates," Lewis said.

Lewis, the winningest coach in Bengals history, is entering the final year of a two-year extension that he signed at the end of the 2010 season. At the NFL combine in February, Lewis said he was optimistic about a new deal with the team and mentioned owner Mike Brown had approached him about an extension.

"I made one response, and it is where it is," Lewis said. "And at some point, we just got to move on and coach football."

Lewis knows he has to be careful with this issue because he doesn't want his contract status to become a distraction for his young team. He also doesn't want it to become a personal distraction.

"I can't let that consume what I do," he said. "I love to coach. I'm in a good spot. I said two years ago if I come back here, I get a chance to restart again. We did that. Now, we're in the second year of that restart. Let's see what happens from there."

Lewis added, "A lot of guys have to change addresses to restart. But I felt like we couldn't stay status quo. We ended up changing more than I knew we had to change. But we did and we came out of it on the high side."