Fujita calls out NFL for 'smear campaign'

After leaving an appeal hearing before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita vehemently denied any involvement in a bounty program run by the New Orleans Saints.

Fujita, who is fighting a three-game suspension, said his reputation has been seriously damaged by what he called a "smear campaign."

"You know, throughout this process, it's become increasingly clear to me that just because someone disagrees with the NFL's interpretation of an incredibly flawed investigation, it's assumed that he's lying, and to me, that's a shame," Fujita said. "That's a shame."

Fujita said no information was provided at the appeal hearing to substantiate the suspensions issued to the four suspended players.

"The NFL has been careless and irresponsible, and they've made mistakes, and at some point, I think they've got to answer some questions about that," said Fujita, who was the only one of the suspended players to speak Monday.