Suggs now won't give a timetable on return

It was only 18 days ago when Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said he would return by the end of the November at the latest. Now, in the ongoing saga involving the NFL Defensive Player of the Year's Achilles injury, it appears as if that target date is in question.

After backing off a timetable to Baltimore reporters last week, he was just as vague in his appearance on ESPN's "First Take" on Thursday.

"I'm very optimistic [but] I'm not going to give no timetable [like] I'm going to be ready by this point [or] I'm going to be ready by that point [or] I'm going to be ready to play in this game," Suggs said. "No, I'm not going to say that. But I will tell you that I will be playing in 2012."

ESPN's Skip Bayless brought up that an Achilles injury is a tough one to come back from, and Suggs acknowledged that.

"If anybody can do it, it's me," Suggs said.

Suggs also reiterated that he injured himself in a conditioning test and not on the basketball court. "I'm a lot of things," Suggs said. "I'm a father. I'm a bad guy, whatever. One thing I'm not is a liar."