Video: Terrell Suggs updates his rehab

After coming out of the protective boot last week, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said he remains "optimistic" about playing this season after tearing his Achilles tendon in late April. He is back walking and focused on muscle strengthening.

“I’m in good spirits, I like the progress that I’m making,” Suggs said on ESPN's NFL Live. “I’m great with where I’m at right now, just loving the process.”

Suggs, however, stuck to his recent habit of not predicting when he will return. The NFL Defensive Player of the Year once said he would return no later than the end of November, but he has backed off that timetable lately.

“I’m really optimistic,” Suggs said. “I ain’t going to tell you the very latest I will be back. But I’m not also going to tell you the earliest. I just want you to be surprised."

Suggs added, "You all will see me play this year."