Ward on his 'Dark Knight Rises' cameo

You won't be able to see Hines Ward in a Steelers jersey anymore, but you can see him in the end zone as a member of the Gotham Rogues.

Ward has a memorable scene as part of the fictitious home football team in "The Dark Knight Rises," which is co-produced by Steelers co-owner Thomas Tull. It features Ward outrunning a collapsing field, which is a little cooler than his turn in "Dancing with the Stars."

He discussed the movie with ESPN.com's Lynn Hoppes last week:

1. What was your reaction to seeing the film?

"I actually took my 8-year-old son with me to the premieres in NYC and Pittsburgh earlier this week. It was a special time for my son and me, and the movie was amazing."

2. How did you get involved in the movie, and how do you think you did?

"The producer, Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures, asked me if I wanted to do the cameo and I was excited. It was a big honor. I grew up watching the Batman cartoons and have seen the Batman movies. As far as my scene goes, it was surreal, and I think I did pretty well. I had a blast doing it."

Other Steelers featured in the football scene were: Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace and Troy Polamalu. Even former coach Bill Cowher appeared in the film, which leads to an interesting question. Was Mike Tomlin not asked to be in the film, or is the current Steelers coach not a fan of Batman?