Morning take: Browns owner supports Mangini

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North:

Morning take: This isn't surprising as most coaches get at least two to three years to implement their program. Even with support from ownership, Eric Mangini still should show progress in Cleveland's final eight games.

Morning take: Ochocinco hasn't been this happy playing football since 2005, which is the last time the Bengals made the playoffs. Whether you like with his antics or not, winning matters to him.

  • Is quarterback Joe Flacco the Baltimore Ravens' MVP though seven games?

Morning take: I would have to agree with this one. But tailback Ray Rice would be a very close second.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers believe Tyrone Carter is capable of filling in for Ryan Clark this week if necessary.

Morning take: Carter did an OK job of filling in for the dynamic Troy Polamalu earlier this year. But taking over Clark's role would be easier, especially for just one game.