Bengals set to play 'the headline team'

CINCINNATI -- No Chad Ochocinco, eh, I mean Johnson. No Twitter. No drama.

The Bengals are enjoying a quiet training camp, which is put into perspective by Friday's preseason opponent, the New York Jets.

"We're going to play the headline team, so it's good," said Lewis, alluding to the attention directed at the Jets from Tebow-mania to their daily fights. "They're a good football team. They're well coached. They have very good players. They were disappointed in their season last year just like we were disappointed in our 2010 season. Now, they got something to prove just like we feel like we have something to prove."

Here are some other notes from Lewis' talk with reporters Wednesday:

On playing a game with replacement officials: "No concerns. It's not in my control. I told my guys to go play and it'll be what it'll be. These guys have been working collegiate games. They're the guys who have been chosen to go. They're going to do the best job they can. I'm sure when I meet with them before the game, that's what they're going to tell me."

On whether the starters will play a half like they did last year: "I doubt that they would play that much. I give them certain goals to reach. If they reach them, earn your way out."

On Johnson's profanity-filled news conference featured on "Hard Knocks" last night: "See he's acting then. He's not being himself. He doesn't really curse. He's not a real curser."

On whether first-round pick Dre Kirkpatrick, who has begun on-field work, will be ready to return in a week or two: "We'll see. Whenever they tell me he's ready."