Browns' uniform better than Ravens' one?

Uni Watch has provided another topic for debate in the rivalry between the Ravens and the Browns.

In its power rankings, Uni Watch says the Browns' uniforms are better than the Ravens' ones, and it's not even close. Of the 122 professional sports teams (counting NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL), the Ravens' uniforms ranked No. 93 and the Browns came in at No. 59.

Here's what Uni Watch had to say about the Browns:

Somewhere in the Nike offices, there's probably a high-ranking executive whose entire job is to persuade the Browns to adopt a helmet logo and an alternate jersey. "Vice President for Browns Modernization" or some such (good luck with that). The team's plain-Jane look tends to be polarizing -- some folks love it, some hate it -- but the truth lies somewhere in between. Docked a few notches for not wearing their brown jerseys even once last season.

Uni Watch was less complimentary of the Ravens, the team that used to wear those Browns' uniforms:

Problem No. 1: That number font. Problem No. 2: Please stop wearing black socks with black pants! Problem No. 3: All that purple. Cool helmet logo, though.

As far as NFL teams, the Browns are ranked in the middle of the pack at No. 16. Cleveland is just ahead of the Redskins, Giants and Titans. The Ravens' uniforms ranked 23rd in the 32-team NFL. Baltimore is behind the Saints and ahead of the Broncos.