Wrap-up: Eagles 17, Browns 16

A few thoughts from Cleveland's 17-16 loss to the Eagles in Sunday's opener:

This was a pretty terrible game. Cleveland’s defense does deserve credit. It played very well and very physical. But Michael Vick also looked extremely rusty after a preseason of doing next to nothing. Still, that isn’t a slight on the Browns’ defense, which excelled in Week 1 and obviously got its hands on the football quite a bit -- which you would think would be a great benefit to Cleveland’s offense. ...

Well, not quite. Brandon Weeden was awful in his first NFL start. Greg Little didn’t catch a pass and Trent Richardson never really got going. Philadelphia did not fear Cleveland’s passing attack one bit -- for good reason. His receivers were not exactly running free, but Weeden’s accuracy, decision-making and pace were all huge problems. The Eagles’ defense dominated Weeden & Co. from the outset in every facet.

This was a winnable game for the Browns that featured nine total turnovers, and the Eagles did have a whopping 12 penalties, but I can’t say Cleveland deserved to win it. The Eagles did run 88 offensive plays compared to just 59 from the Browns. Yuck.