Video: Torrey Smith emotional after win

In this video, wide receiver Torrey Smith talks after the Ravens' 31-30 win, which came less than 24 hours after the loss of his brother in a motorcycle accident.

Here is what others had to say about Smith's performance:

Ravens coach John Harbaugh: "How do you explain it? Coming from a faith perspective, God and heaven work in beautiful, wondrous, mysterious, wonderful ways. I'm not talking about winning and losing. I'm talking about what you see people accomplish in the face of adversity. That's what it's really all about."

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin: "It was probably a relief for him to come out and play football for three hours. I can't imagine being in that situation, but he came out and played his butt off."

Quarterback Joe Flacco: "It was awesome. I can't imagine what he's going through. For him to come out and be able to play football the way he did tonight, it says a lot about who he is. This is just unbelievable, for him to be able to come out there and just focus on football."

Cornerback Lardarius Webb: "If I lost my brother, I don't know if I could I play. So, I have to look at his character and think he's a very strong-willed guy to be out there and making plays."