Thursday prediction: Browns-Ravens

I had a strong start to my Week 3 predictions last Sunday when the Bengals beat the Redskins and the Browns lost to the Bills. But two game-ending field goals did me in, as the Ravens beat the Patriots and the Steelers lost to the Raiders.

Only two games on the AFC North tilt this week, so let's see how I bounce back. Here's my forecast for the Thursday night game:

Baltimore Ravens 20, Cleveland Browns 10: The prevailing thought is that the Ravens' new high-powered, no-huddle offense will make this game a laugher. But Baltimore (2-1) really hasn't blown out Cleveland (0-3) recently. The Ravens have averaged 20.8 points in the last five meetings. Plus, the Ravens are ending a stretch in which they've played four games in 17 days. Baltimore still wins but the Browns will keep this surprisingly close unless rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden decides to start throwing passes to the Ravens.

Last week's recap: 2-2. Season record: 4-3.

Bills 24, Browns 14 (prediction: Bills 20, Browns 13)

Bengals 38, Redskins 31 (prediction: Bengals 24, Redskins 16)

Raiders 34, Steelers 31 (prediction: Steelers 17, Raiders 13)

Ravens 31, Patriots 30 (prediction: Patriots 30, Ravens 23)