Wake-up: Joe Thomas accused of 'flopping'

It's a later edition for wake-up call because, as you all know, there was a night game in the division. For those who didn't believe me that it was going to be a close game between the Ravens and Browns, it's fine but don't let that happen again. Really, we're laughing with you. Now, let's take a quick tour around the division ...

BENGALS: Cornerback Adam Jones said he is appealing a $15,750 fine from the NFL for a horse-collar tackle of Redskins running back Alfred Morris. He told the Cincinnati Enquirer that it was "ridiculous." Jones liked the league much better last week, when it gave him the AFC special teams player of the week award. ... Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said he anticipates Nate Clements (calf) and Leon Hall (hamstring) playing on Sunday despite both cornerbacks not practicing for a second straight day. The final injury report comes out Friday afternoon.

BROWNS: Marla Ridenour from the Akron Beacon Journal believes the Browns rediscovered their pride against the Ravens. Ridenour wrote: "All night, there were flashes of talent from rookie defensive lineman Billy Winn and first-year linebacker Craig Robertson. There were flashes of brilliance from rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden and rookie running back Trent Richardson.Unlike the Bills’ game, the moments to forget were offset by moments of promise." But the moments to forget still make you cringe, like the Browns' dropped passes in the end zone and the Ravens returning a Weeden pass for a touchdown.

RAVENS: Outside linebacker Paul Kruger gave the Browns another shot at the end zone to tie the game when he was penalized for unnecessary roughness on fourth down. Luckily for Kruger, the Browns threw an incompletion instead of a touchdown to end the game. Kruger didn't take the blame for shoving the Browns' Joe Thomas to the ground. Instead, he said it was a nice bit of acting by the Pro Bowl offensive tackle. "I was just getting held pretty bad," Kruger told The Baltimore Sun. "I threw my hands at him to get him off me and he flopped pretty bad. Unfortunately, they called it. I wish I was that strong. I would be doing that every play. Yeah, he just flopped pretty bad." It could be worse. The replacement refs would've called Kruger for pass interference.

STEELERS: Left guard Willie Colon told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that players should have gained a new level of respect for the regular officials after dealing with three weeks of the replacements. "It's one of those things where they got a lot of crap before because we always thought they were bad refs," he said. "Now to really see what bad looks like, we're appreciative of them." ... The Steelers won't be getting suspended tight end Weslye Saunders back after the bye. He'll be eligible to return on Oct. 8. Sanders, who violated the league's policy performance-enhancing substances, was suspended for four games, not four weeks.