Jaws QB rankings: Flacco, Dalton rise

Ron Jaworski updated his preseason quarterback rankings after the first quarter of the regular seasonInsider, and the passers in the AFC North are on the move. You'll need an Insider subscription to view the entire piece, but I was allowed to pass along the rankings as long as you promise to keep it just between us.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

Previous: No. 6

Now: No. 7

Hensley's comment: Not sure how Roethlisberger falls after such a strong start. He's carried the Steelers offense and has been the NFL's best on third downs. He's getting no help from his running game or offensive line.

Joe Flacco, Ravens

Previous: No. 9

Now: No. 8

Hensley's comment: Once again, no love for an AFC North quarterback. Take away two quarters in Philadelphia and Flacco has arguably had the best start of any quarterback in the league. Plus, he just outplayed Tom Brady, who moved up a spot to No. 2.

Andy Dalton, Bengals

Previous: No. 19

Now: No. 14

Hensley's comment: The errors that he's made have been costly. Two interceptions have been returned for touchdowns. But, outside of a couple of passes, Dalton has been efficient and explosive. He now ranks ahead of Matthew Stafford, Alex Smith and Cam Newton.

Brandon Weeden, Browns

Previous: NR

Now: No. 32

Hensley's comment: Weeden has been really bad at times (seven interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown), but I'm not sure if he's the worst in the NFL. He's thrown for over 300 yards in half of his games and he's been let down by his receivers. Mark Sanchez and Matt Cassel would rank below Weeden on my list.