Ravens' Ed Reed is now downplaying injury

Is this shoulder injury limiting what Ed Reed can do on the field? It seems like Reed doesn't know.

This is what Reed told a Baltimore radio station last night: “Is it affecting my game? Maybe."

This is what the Pro Bowl safety told reporters Thursday: "[It's] not anything to worry about. I'm not a pitcher, I can still tackle. I ain't drop no bombshell, man. It's all right."

Reed did reveal Thursday that he injured his shoulder before the Patriots game in Week 3. That's the game where Reed had his most physical game of the season. He broke up a pass in the end zone on a powerful hit.

So why was Reed so bad at tackling against the Cowboys on Sunday? Maybe the better question is why Reed wasn't listed on the Ravens' injury report for the past couple of weeks.

"I don't know why. I'm sure a lot of guys in this league have had injuries and they're not reported," Reed said. "That's part of the game that fans and y'all don't know nothing about. We have to deal with workman comp situations."

Toward the end of last season, Reed acknowledged that he missed a tackle in four straight games because he was playing injured. That was leading up to the playoff game at Houston. Reed then made a critical interception against the Texans.