Week 11 Power Rankings: AFC North

With all four division teams going head-to-head the past two days, let’s see how things shook out in ESPN.com's Power Rankings.

Cincinnati Bengals (7-2)

Last week: No. 4

Current ranking: No. 4

Analysis: Cincinnati continued to shock the NFL with another huge win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it didn’t help much in the Power Rankings. Movement is very difficult at the top as the Bengals remained solid at No. 4. The panel got this one right. You cannot move Cincinnati ahead of the top three teams in the Minnesota Vikings and undefeated New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. The Bengals have a chance to pad their record over the next few weeks with easy games and will have to wait for one of these top three teams to fall off.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

Last week: No. 5

Current ranking: No. 6

Analysis: After a respectable, hard-fought loss to a top five team in the Power Rankings, the Steelers dropped just one spot to No. 6. Similar to the Bengals, Pittsburgh’s schedule eases up over the next several weeks. The Steelers should have their way with the Kansas City Chiefs this week. But Troy Polamalu’s injury status will have a huge impact on this team’s potential if he is out longer than a game or two. The Steelers just aren’t the same team when he’s not on the defense.

Baltimore Ravens (5-4)

Last week: No. 14

Current ranking: No. 11

Analysis: Who knew a win over the lowly Cleveland Browns could do so much? The Ravens moved up three spots to No. 11 and continue to be one of the most schizophrenic teams in ESPN.com's Power Rankings. It’s been hard to get a read on this team all season due to their streaky and inconsistent play. Baltimore played an average game Monday and still manhandled Cleveland. But the team will have to play a lot better to have a shot this weekend at knocking off the undefeated Colts.

Cleveland Browns (1-8)

Last week: No. 32

Current ranking: No. 32

Analysis: There is no doubt the Browns are currently the worst team in the NFL. It’s been that way for several weeks, but it took previously winless teams to get its first victory of the season for our panel to take notice. Cleveland’s offense is hard to watch. I’m not sure what its trying to accomplish most weeks than to run out the clock. The defense is OK, but it gets worn out too quickly and can’t put together four good quarters. This could be an ugly final seven games in Cleveland.