Poll results: Has Lewis played last game?

Until Ray Lewis announces his decision for next season, there will a constant discussion on what the Ravens middle linebacker will do. In a SportsNation poll this week, 66 percent of the 145,099 votes believe Lewis hasn't played his last game.

Here are some selected comments from the AFC North mailbag:

Brian from Owings Mills, Md.: Anyone who has watched Ray Lewis' career like I have (and most of Ravens Nation) knows that Ray isn't going out like this. He will rehab like never before and get back out on the field for one last shot at Super Bowl glory.

David from Ellicott City, Md.: I see Lewis coming back for one more year. I could see a scenario where the Ravens draft an heir apparent and keep Lewis on in a part-time role to bring the draft choice along. Lewis could bulk up a bit and stay on the field for obvious non-passing downs.

Calvin from Tucson, Ariz.: Ray and only Ray will determine when he retires. As a Ravens fan, I agree he's not playing at the same level, but he brings so many intangibles to the field. I'm retired from the military and we know that day is coming for all of us, but we still want to make our own decision on when we leave.

Jim from Freeland, Md.: Ray Lewis used to close the gap and meet the runner, limiting the gain. Now, he waits for the runners to come to him. Lots of tackles, but giving up lots of yards. Still, as a leader and a legend, he has value to the team. I see him returning next year, but in a more limited role. The Ravens need to exploit the skills he retains and hide his weaknesses.

Ollie from London, England: Ray Lewis will finish when he is ready, not when injuries determine it. I believe regardless of whether we win the Superbowl this year he will still come back next season and go out in style.His career is not destined to end as a result of an injury received tackling somebody's 4th string halfback!

Doug from Cincinnati: If Lewis retires, Ed Reed will retire. It will be the end of a dynasty. Whether it happens this year or next, they will retire together.

Brett from North Potomac, Md.: Ray Lewis is without a doubt one of the most passionate players in the NFL, he will not allow an injury to be what ceases his career in football. Based on everything he's said in the past, I see him retiring on his own terms.