Steelers at Giants still set for Sunday

There have been lots of questions whether the Steelers will still play at the New York Giants on Sunday in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy. Many in the New York/New Jersey area are dealing with flooding and power outages.

For now, the league is planning to play the game at MetLife Stadium as planned. Here is what the league told NFC East blogger Dan Graziano:

"On the game at MetLife, the stadium apparently is fine. We are going to prepare to play and will stay in close touch with public authorities."

While it's good to hear that the stadium came out unscathed, this is far from the only issue here. How fans are able to get to the game is the bigger problem. You only have to type in "New York and flooding" into a Google search and look at the images to see what the residents of that area are going through.

But Steelers fans shouldn't get excited. There's little chance that the game would get moved to Heinz Field.