Video: Suggs joins Ravens playoff debate

Baltimore linebacker Terrell Suggs, a favorite on ESPN's "First Take," joins Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss the Ravens' chances of making the playoffs.

Bayless contends the Ravens won't make the playoffs despite their 6-2 start because of the loss of Ray Lewis.

"Do you know our record at home for the past two years? [Answer is 12-0]," Suggs asked. "Do you know how many consecutive wins we have in the division? [Answer is 11]. We lost Ray Lewis and do you know what our record was? 4-0. We know the task is hard but it can be done."

The discussion took a heated turn when Bayless referred to the Ravens quarterback as Joe "Fluke-o." Suggs immediately defended Flacco.

"A large part of the reason we're ahead of our division right now and we're 6-2 is because of No. 5," Suggs said. "No. 5 has taken the bull by the horns and he's winning."