Poll: Your pick to win the AFC North

Has your pick to win the AFC North changed since the start of the season?

In an early September poll, 48 percent chose the Steelers to capture the division title and 24 percent went with the Ravens. Nine weeks into the season, the Ravens (6-2) lead the Steelers (5-3) by one game. The Bengals (3-5) trail Baltimore by three games, and the Browns (2-7) are 4.5 games back.

Can the Ravens still win the AFC North despite the run of injuries? Are the Steelers as good as they've looked the past three weeks? Can the Bengals bounce back after losing four straight? And is there any hope for the Browns?

Record your vote and tell me why you picked that team by sending me a note to my mailbag. Your comment could be used on the blog later in the week.