How badly would Browns beat Alabama?

Steve Spurrier suggested earlier this month that Alabama could beat a couple of NFL teams. Pete Carroll rightfully pointed out that idea was ridiculous, saying a game between Alabama and an NFL team wouldn't be close.

Just for fun, David Fleming from ESPN The Magazine recounted an imaginary game between Alabama and the Browns. (Spoiler alert: Browns win, 35-10).

In reality, the final score wouldn't be that close. The Browns would win by five touchdowns and not have to throw the ball. Sure, you can see how some skill-position players would match up against those from Cleveland. But this game would be won by the Browns' offensive and defensive lines.

The Browns can hand the ball off to former Alabama running back Trent Richardson 30 times and rout the Crimson Tide. NFL linemen are stronger and more athletic than those in college -- and that's even on the best BCS teams. While this is all hypothetical, the reality of the situation is that a freshman or sophomore could seriously get hurt by a 30-year-old man. You saw how Cleveland left tackle Joe Thomas silenced Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs last Sunday. Imagine what he would do against a college player.

I'm hoping that Spurrier was joking. This isn't poker, where an amateur can be a pro. This is football. When you put men on the same field with boys, it's not a game. It's a beatdown.