Will Big Ben miss Ravens game over baby?

Could Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger miss next Sunday's game against the Ravens because of the birth of his son?

That could be a possibility based on his interview on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday. Roethlisberger said before the season that he wouldn't play if his wife went into labor on a game day. While Roethlisberger has refused to give a due date, he might have given a time frame on Friday.

When Dan Patrick asked Roethlisberger to give him a hint on what the baby's name will be, Roethlisberger said, “I’ll let you know in like two weeks,” he said.

The Steelers play host to the Ravens in nine days and travel to Baltimore in a little over three weeks. With the Ravens leading the Steelers by one game, these games could determine everything from the division winner to a first-round bye.

Asked if he felt any pressure to play while his wife was in labor, Roethlisberger said, "None. There's no question what I'm going to do. I made that statement more than a month ago, and I wouldn't say it drew heat, but people talked about it, and I have 100 percent support from my teammates, my coaches and from Mr. Rooney. Everyone felt that was the right thing to do."

Roethlisberger is doing the right thing, even though he will take a lot of heat from fans for this decision. Remember how many of those fans wanted Roethlisberger to be more mature after his off-the-field incidents? This shows how much Roethlisberger has grown up and settled down.

In the big picture, the game against the Ravens is one of 16 that will impact the Steelers' season. If the Steelers lose to the Ravens without Roethlisberger, they still have a chance to make up ground by winning other games. There's nothing Roethlisberger can do to make up for missing the birth of a child.

This really isn't a debate. It's a no-brainer. Players talk about how teams are like families. In reality, Roethlisberger's family is his wife and soon-to-be-born son. Sure, not having Roethlisberger definitely increases the Steelers' chances of losing to the Ravens. But, by being by his wife's side for the birth of his son, he'll gain so much more.