Poll: Steelers' starting running back

With six weeks remaining in the regular season, the Steelers haven't decided on a featured running back. They've been giving touches to all three running backs -- Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman -- and going with the hot hand.

If Redman passes his post-concussion tests, all three should be available for Sunday's game at Cleveland. Which running back do you think should be starting and getting the first crack at being the primary runner?

"My preference would be to have a healthy, solidified featured runner but I don’t always get what I want in this business, obviously, for a variety of reasons," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. "All of those guys have been nicked in some form or fashion. We’ve dealt with it to the best of our abilities. They’ve done a nice job of being productive when given an opportunity, but the circumstances themselves have created what we’ve done with the running backs at this point. We’re not making excuses for it, that’s just the reality of it. We’re not looking for relief, either. We’re going to continue to make the decisions based on the healthy people that give us the best opportunity to win."

Dwyer leads the Steelers in rushing with 410 yards. Redman tops the team with two rushing touchdowns and has 300 yards rushing. Mendenhall, the team's leading rusher the previous three seasons, has 107 yards in three games played this season.

Record your vote and tell me why the reason for your selection by sending me a note to my mailbag. Your comment could be used on the blog later in the week.