Browns more careful since McCoy incident

Brandon Weeden said he begged doctors in the locker room to let him return to the sidelines to watch the final minutes of the Browns' 20-14 win over the Steelers.

"Of course, they wouldn't let me," Weeden said, via The Plain Dealer. "It was so frustrating. I tried, but I was disappointed by it. I wanted to finish that one."

There was no chance of that happening, especially after what the Browns went through last year with the Colt McCoy controversy. It was nearly a year ago when McCoy wasn't checked on the sideline for a concussion after he took an illegal hit from Steelers linebacker James Harrison and was allowed to return to the game. That led to the NFL assigning independent trainers at every game to assist in spotting and checking for concussions.

The Browns showed that they learned their lesson Sunday after Weeden was thrown down by linebacker Jason Worilds and banged his head on Joe Thomas' leg. Weeden said he was given all of the mandated tests once he came off the field. The Browns even hid his helmet to keep him from returning to the game. They were making sure there wasn't a repeat of what happened last season.

"I never want to come out of a game," Weeden said. "I'm too competitive and I felt like I'd been hit a lot harder. I felt like I could still play. We were just talking about what we were thinking about for the next series and next thing I know I'm walking to the locker room."

Weeden said this was his first concussion and described it as mild. He never was knocked out but felt "a little foggy."

"They were smart and took me back there [to the locker room] and did all the mandated tests," Weeden said. "Once I got back there, I was like, 'I just don't feel 100 percent.'"

Weeden has since been cleared by doctors and is scheduled to start Sunday in Oakland.