Anyone care about Browns' draft position?

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Cleveland Browns currently have the seventh overall pick in the draft order. This might have been a source of excitement in past seasons, but this should be irrelevant right now.

Creating momentum is more important to the Browns in December than improving their draft spot in the first round. The Browns are an extremely young team that is gaining more confidence with every win.

Since starting 0-5, the Browns have won four of their past seven games. Cleveland could be 6-6 right now if it held onto a fourth-quarter lead against the Ravens and didn't implode in the second half in Dallas.

Finishing strong has been a weakness of the Browns. In the previous two seasons, Cleveland is 1-8 in December. But this is a Browns team that is starting to live up to its potential. Let's talk about the players who are on the team right now than the ones who might get added in April.

Current 2013 draft order: 1. Chiefs (2-10), 2. Jaguars (2-10), 3. Raiders (3-9), 4. Eagles (3-9), 5. Panthers (3-9), 6. Chargers (4-8) and 7. Browns (4-8).