Browns can party like it's 2007

For one day at least, the Browns can feel like they're on top of the AFC North. That's because the Browns were the only winning team in the division on Sunday.

The Ravens lost in overtime at Washington. The Bengals lost in the final seconds to Dallas. And the Steelers lost to the Chargers in a game that was decided before the fourth quarter.

The Browns, meanwhile, rolled past the Chiefs, 30-7. When was the last time Cleveland was the only team to win in the AFC North? It was Week 15 of the 2007 season, according to our friends at ESPN Stats & Information.

That was the week when the Ravens lost to the previously winless Dolphins, the Bengals fell to the 49ers and the Steelers lost to Jacksonville. The Browns won an epic battle against Buffalo by the score of 8-0. Derek Anderson completed 9 of 24 passes on a blustery and snowy day.

How long ago was that in pop culture terms? The top movie that weekend was I Am Legend with Will Smith. The top single was "No One" by Alicia Keys. And Trent Richardson was a junior in high school.