Friday Forecast: Week 15 predictions

This is my bounce-back week after predicting just one game right in Week 14. I already matched that total by picking the Bengals over the Eagles on Thursday night. Let's see if I can continue to turn things around ...

Ravens 31, Broncos 27: Everything on paper says the Ravens should lose. Peyton Manning has owned them. The defense gave up fourth-quarter leads to Charlie Batch and Kirk Cousins in the past two weeks. The Ravens are a beaten-up team, and the Broncos are coming off extra rest after playing last Thursday night. Still, something tells me that the Ravens pull this one out to prove they can beat the top teams in the league.

Browns 17, Redskins 16: Lost in the "Will Robert Griffin III play or not" storyline this week has been the play of the group he's facing. The Browns defense has been playing at a high level during the three-game win streak, giving up four offensive touchdowns. It might be a different story if Griffin were healthy. But he's not.

Cowboys 24, Steelers 20: Normally, I wouldn't pick Tony Romo over Ben Roethlisberger. But the Steelers aren't playing disciplined football these days. Pittsburgh leads the NFL with 16 turnovers over their past four games. The Steelers have multiple turnovers in four straight games for the first time since 2004. It's hard to pick a team when it keeps giving the ball away.