Good morning from Baltimore

BALTIMORE -- By defeating the Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens can clinch the AFC North, end their two-game losing streak and remain in contention for the AFC's No. 2 seed.

But it's more than beating the Broncos on Sunday. It's about beating Peyton Manning, who has beaten the Ravens eight straight times, including twice in the playoffs. The last time Baltimore beat Manning was 2001, a year before Ed Reed entered the league.

"He’s been the quarterback of teams that have beaten the Ravens for many, many years, obviously," coach John Harbaugh said. "That’s a point of pride. No doubt about it. We hear it from everybody, like you. It definitely bristles you up a little bit if you have any kind of pride at all."

Even Manning, who has thrown 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions against the Ravens for his career, doesn't like hearing about the streak.

"It’s kind of like I never like it when somebody says I lost four straight. I don’t agree when you say I won eight straight,” Manning said. “Those are team wins and different teams, different players playing in those games. I really can’t speak much to the past. All I can speak to is this year, and it’s been such a different year for me — different team and what not.”

I will be covering the Ravens-Broncos game from Baltimore today. I will file a Rapid Report as soon as the game ends and will later post a column off the game. There will be a wrap-up on the Cleveland Browns-Washington Redskins later in the day, and ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha will write a Rapid Reaction for the Pittsburgh Steelers-Dallas Cowboys because he's on assignment in Dallas.

Enjoy the games.