How Bengals, Steelers can reach playoffs

The Baltimore Ravens became the first AFC North team to reach the playoffs this year, and the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers are fighting to join them.

Cincinnati (8-6) is the only team in the division who can clinch a playoff berth on Sunday. The Bengals can secure a postseason spot for the second consecutive season if they win at the Steelers and the Jets lose.

“This is exactly where you wanted to be at the beginning of the season," quarterback Andy Dalton said. "We wanted to be in December and have a chance for the playoffs. And it’s exactly where we were and its good to be in control of that."

Pittsburgh (7-7) can't clinch a playoff berth on Sunday, but it still controls whether it makes the postseason. The Steelers can go to the playoffs if they beat the Bengals on Sunday and beat the Browns in the regular-season finale.

“We win the last two, we‘re in the tournament, but we‘ve got to get it going and got to get it going fast,” wide receiver Mike Wallace told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We‘ve got to win two at home. The good thing is it‘s the same as it was before we came here. We control our own destiny.”