Ravens looking to avoid Manning sweep

To clinch the AFC North, the Baltimore Ravens have to avoid becoming the first team to get swept by the Manning brothers in consecutive weeks.

Baltimore is the fourth team to face Peyton and Eli Manning in back-to-back games. In 2004, the Ravens routed Eli in his rookie season before losing to Peyton. In 2006, the Titans beat the Mannings in consecutive games, defeating them by a field goal each time. Then, a month ago, the Bengals lost to Peyton before beating Eli.

Eli Manning acknowledged he received some advice from his older brother after Peyton and the Broncos toppled the Ravens, 34-17, last Sunday.

“I talked to him a little bit and watched the game,” Eli Manning said during a conference call with Baltimore reporters. “Our offenses are a little different. I tried to just watch the game and see what they were doing and see how the defense played certain looks. So I talked to him a little bit, but it’s really going to be a matter of our own preparation and trying to understand what type of scheme we’re going to run against them.”

The Ravens have had much more trouble with Peyton than Eli. Peyton Manning is 7-2 against the Ravens in the regular season with 18 touchdowns and five interceptions (103.0 passer rating). Eli is 1-1 against Baltimore with one touchdown and three interceptions (32.6 rating).