Will Ravens get brotherly advice on Luck?

This Sunday's AFC wild-card game is like six degrees of Jim Harbaugh.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is the brother of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who coached Colts quarterback Andrew Luck when they were both at Stanford. So, will Jim Harbaugh give an inside scouting report to his brother?

“I hope he would share some stuff with me," Harbaugh said, drawing laughter from reporters.

Harbaugh then added, "What are you going to get? You can see it on tape. He’s a tremendous quarterback. He’s got pluses, and he has things that aren’t so plus. So, it’s like any quarterback. We’ll be looking forward to playing against him.”

It would be foolish for John Harbaugh to not call his brother. Obviously, by working with Luck every day, Jim Harbaugh can provide insight that you can't see on film.

In many ways, it would just be evening the score for the Ravens. You know Colts coach Chuck Pagano is going to draw on his knowledge from last season, when he was the Ravens' defensive coordinator.