QBR: Flacco was best in wild-card playoffs

Joe Flacco's 89.5 Total QBR set a career high in the playoffs and was the best of this year's wild-card round. It was even better than Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, who had a 71.7 QBR.

Flacco completed 12 of 23 passes for 282 yards and two touchdowns in Sundays' 24-9 playoff win over the Colts. His QBR for that game was significantly better than his previous playoff high of 66.4, which came at Kansas City in 2010.

The key to Flacco's success was his downfield passing. He completed five of eight attempts of 15 or more yards downfield for 157 yards, a touchdown and a 99.9 Total QBR. The Ravens have won all six games this season in which Flacco has completed at least five such passes in a game.

"In the second half, we definitely had a little emphasis on stretching the field a little bit, and that started with Anquan [Boldin] obviously," Flacco said after the game. "I think the one third down, it’s kind of lucky, kind of a great play by him. Then, we were able to get him up the sideline the next drive. Like I said, in the first half, they were definitely able to play tight coverage and squat on us a little bit. In the second half, we realized that we’ve got to take a couple of shots down the field and see if they work on them.”

On passes of 15 or more yards downfield, Flacco was 4 of 5 when targeting wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The four receptions for Boldin on those throws were his second most in a game since joining the Ravens in 2010. Boldin caught as many passes deeper than 30 yards downfield on Sunday (two) as he had all season.