Joe Flacco moved on from Denver debacle

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- When you think about the last time the Ravens played the Broncos, the lasting image is Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco lying face down in the turf after failing to stop an interception returned for a touchdown.

But that pass, which came 24 days ago, is a distant memory for Flacco.

"That’s not in my mind at all going up to Denver this week," Flacco said. "We feel confident, and I think we should.”

It will go down as one of the worst passes of Flacco's career and cost the Ravens the game against Denver. At the time, the Ravens were threatening to score at the end of the first half while trailing 10-0. Baltimore should have gone into halftime down by one score. Instead, after cornerback Chris Harris' 98-yard interception return for a touchdown, the Ravens trailed 17-0 and never recovered.

"It stuck with me a couple minutes, and then I moved on and went out there and played some more snaps," Flacco said. "And then when we lost, it stuck with me for a couple minutes again, and then we started getting ready for the next game and we went out and won it. Stuff like that happens sometimes, and believe me, I’m the last guy that wants it to happen. But you’ve got to go out there and keep your head up and play the game, and I think I did a great job of rebounding from that."

Flacco isn't just saying that he moved on from that costly turnover. His statistics say it as well.

That was the last interception that Flacco has thrown. He's gone 11 quarters and 92 straight passes without getting picked off. The Ravens have won 16 games in a row when Flacco doesn't throw an interception in a game where he plays four quarters.