Ravens put the pressure on Manning

DENVER -- It took a while for the Ravens' pass rush to heat up. When it did, Baltimore's pressure on Peyton Manning changed the game.

In the first half, the Ravens didn't sack or put any duress on Manning on 22 dropbacks. In the second half, Baltimore pressured Manning 10 times on 24 dropbacks (41.7 percent), according to ESPN Stats & Information.

That pressure led to two turnovers, including the interception in the second overtime that set up the Ravens’ game-winning field goal. On that interception, the Ravens' Paul Kruger forced Manning out of the pocket and kept him off-balance on that throw.

Kruger finished with two quarterback hits, and Terrell Suggs had two sacks, which matched his regular-season total.

The Ravens did what many teams couldn't do against the Broncos. Manning was never pressured on more than 28 percent of his dropbacks in any half this season. He was sacked or put under duress only 14.2 percent of the time in 2012, the lowest rate for any qualified quarterback.