FirstEnergy buys rights to Browns stadium

I've always been old school when it comes to stadiums and have never been a fan of selling naming rights to them. You'll always remember Three Rivers, Riverfront and Memorial Stadiums. The biggest problem I have with naming rights is stadiums switch so often that you can't remember half of the places in the NFL these days.

Well, get ready for another change. When you play the Browns in Cleveland, you'll likely be playing at FirstEnergy Field (that's my guess, although it could become FirstEnergy Stadium or something along those lines). The Plain Dealer is reporting that FirstEnergy Corp. has purchased the naming rights for Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The stadium has not had a corporate sponsor since being built in 1999. But new owner Jimmy Haslam is looking to find ways to generate revenue and said he would sell the naming rights when he bought the team in August. According to its website, FirstEnergy is a diversified energy company that is headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

If the Browns are to sell the naming rights to the stadium, FirstEnergy Field isn't a bad name. When you're talking about companies that started in Cleveland, it could've been worse (Chef Boyardee Stadium).

It's something that everyone will get used to eventually. When you play games in Pittsburgh and Baltimore, everyone knows it's Heinz Field and M&T Bank Stadium. And now, when you head to Cleveland, it's going to be FirstEnergy ... something.