Just call Flacco's miracle pass 'The Bomb'

Joe Flacco's 70-yard touchdown miracle pass to Jacoby Jones should simply be called "The Bomb."

Of all the suggestions sent to the AFC North mailbag, The Bomb fits the best. Sent from five readers, this name follows other memorable moments in NFL playoff history like The Drive, The Fumble and The Catch.

The most popular suggestions were Flacco's Fling and Rocky Mountain Rainbow. As for Flacco's Fling, not many historical plays are named after players. It's not the Elway March. It's The Drive. And the Rocky Mountain Rainbow follows the trend of putting the location of where the play occurred like The Music City Miracle. But that's like calling Dwight Clark's reception The Golden Gate Grab instead of The Catch.

That's what led me back to The Bomb. Those two words just perfectly describe that high-arching Flacco pass, which soared 54 yards in the air and seemed to hang in the sky forever. And that's how the play will be referred to in the AFC North blog going forward.