Browns need to get moving on Holmgren

If Mike Holmgren is truly one of the Cleveland Browns' top candidates to be their new head of football operations, the team better act fast. Holmgren's former team now has an opening for a similar position as Seattle Seahawks president Tim Ruskell resigned this week.

There has always been speculation that Holmgren would eventually return to Seattle, where he once held dual roles as coach and GM. That train of thought will grow even stronger in NFL circles in the coming weeks with Ruskell stepping down.

What does this mean for Cleveland?

This means the Browns potentially could have competition, at least in theory.

Holmgren hasn't publicly expressed interest in the Seahawks' opening like he has with the Browns. But his previous ties to Seattle should be enough to scare Cleveland into picking up the pace if Holmgren is its top target.

Cleveland is looking for an experienced and credible football person to run its operation, and Holmgren fits that description. But the last thing a downtrodden franchise like Cleveland needs is a bidding war. Because considering the Browns' recent history, most would choose to run the Seahawks, especially if the money and position are similar.

With no GM in place, there's no reason for the Browns to drag their feet. It's time for team owner Randy Lerner to have some serious talks with Holmgren to find out if he's the right fit. Because if Seattle decides to make a push for the same candidate, it could be too late for Cleveland.