Skip Bayless' take on 'Joe Fluke-o'

ESPN's Skip Bayless has never been a fan of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Not sure if you could tell by his nickname for him: Joe Fluke-o.

In his latest column, Bayless explains why Flacco still has a lot to prove despite leading the Ravens to the AFC Championship Game for the second straight year:

Forgive me, Ravens fans, I'm still not buying your No. 5. I still think Flacco will prove to be more Achilles' heel than mighty warrior Achilles. As expectations rise toward Sunday's AFC title game and Flacco hears and reads about how he finally has proved to be what he and his agent have insisted he is -- ELITE! -- he'll feel pressure like never before and turn back into Fluke-o.

I understand that Flacco is always going to have his critics. That's what happens when you are consistently inconsistent (that made sense, right?).

As I wrote yesterday in my column, I believe Flacco is beginning to earn more respect by his postseason play. He's the only quarterback to lead his team to the AFC Championship Game in three of the past four seasons. Over his past six playoff games, Flacco has averaged 247.5 yards passing with 12 touchdowns and two interceptions (101.4 passer rating). And, unlike past seasons, the Ravens are now one step away from the Super Bowl because of Flacco winning a shootout with Peyton Manning and not a dominant defense.

But, based on Bayless' column, Flacco has to do more this postseason to prove he's a top-10 quarterback and not a fluke.