Bengals' Andre Smith arrested at airport

Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith has done a solid job in rebuilding his career as he prepares to hit free agency. That is, until Thursday.

Smith was arrested last week at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport for being in possession of a handgun as he went through security. Atlanta police say they found a loaded .380 pistol in Smith's carry-on bag.

This arrest shouldn't hurt his stock when it comes to free agency, and there's a chance that the Bengals will put the franchise tag on him. Smith is considered the top right tackle available in free agency who is equally strong in run and pass blocking (especially if you take away that awful performance against the Eagles' Brandon Graham). Smith allowed seven sacks and committed four penalties. It's been quite a career turnaround for Smith, who had the potential of being a first-round bust.

But the arrest does make you wonder what Smith was thinking. While there are other arrests that are more serious than this one, Smith still doesn't look really good in this matter. Multiple parties familiar with the case told The Cincinnati Enquirer that Smith did not have knowledge that there was a handgun in his belongings. Saying you didn't know you were carrying a handgun is a bad excuse, even if you're telling the truth.

Just a reminder to Smith and everyone else traveling on planes: Put all your liquids in a clear plastic zip-top bag and keep your loaded firearms at home.