Can Ravens' defense avoid fatigue?

The Ravens' defense has been on the field for 87 plays in each of its first two playoff games. That's an average of 20 more plays per game than the regular season for the Baltimore defense.

Now, the Ravens face a fast-break Patriots offense that ran a league-high 1,191 plays in the regular season. How the Ravens hold up, especially in the second half, could be a major factor in the AFC Championship Game.

"They are big into getting people out of position, and you watch the Houston game last week, a huge example of how they can confuse you and get you to line up not right, and then a touchdown is too easy," Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said of the Patriots' offense. "In a game of that magnitude, you have to be able to look at them and say, ‘Come play football.’ Because if they can get you out of position … I mean, anybody is going to do that. Defenses, we draw up schemes to get people out of position and things. So, anytime you get that type of offense, you’ve got to be ready to play every play like it’s your last play.”